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Hippolyte's Belt

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In Greek mythology, Hippolyte was the Queen of the Amazons, a tribe of warrior women. She owned an iconic piece of armour, a leather belt in which she carried her spear and sword. It was a gift to her by Ares, Greek God of War, for being the best warrior of her tribe. 

Leather & Bronze Belt fully hand crafted by Joanna Bacas in Berlin, Germany

This Object is now available for pre-order. 

By purchasing now, you will be amongst the first to receive and spread the vision of the Matriarchal Utopia, as soon as the collection has been released in full. 

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All pre-orders will be shipped out January 2021. All orders placed after January 2021 will have to allow for a minimum of two weeks of processing after the order is placed, as each Object is individually hand crafted to order. 

You will receive a fully unique art piece, no two will ever be exactly alike. 

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